• Date: 1-5 July 2024
  • Location: Roscoff



Monday morning (July 1st)
Andreas Savin : A modified expression for the Hamiltonian expectation value exploiting the short-range behavior of the wave function
Muhammad Hassan : Analysis of the Single Reference Coupled Cluster Method for Electronic Structure Calculations



Monday afternoon (July 1st)
Thomas Plé : FeNNol: an efficient and flexible library for building force-field-enhanced neural networks.
Julien Toulouse : Relativistic electronic-structure methods based on effective quantum  electrodynamics
Mi-Song Dupuy : Linear response functions in adiabatic TDDFT: poles and resonances



Tuesday morning (July 2nd)
Emmanuel Giner : Some results on the coupling between orbital based and real-space correlation methods with the transcorrelation
Fabian Faultisch : Augmented Lagrangian method for coupled-cluster
Cosmin Marinica : Sampling Complex Energy Landscapes in Materials Science Using Data-Driven Force Fields



Tuesday afternoon (July 2nd)
Tony Lelievre : Finding saddle points of energy landscapes: why and how?
Siwar Badreddine : Block-sparse  tensor train formats arising in Quantum chemistry
César Feniou : Refining building blocks of quantum algorithms for electronic structure computation



Wednesday morning (July 3rd)
Karl Pierce : Approximating tensor contractions via a matrix-free tensor decomposition
David Linteau : Neural networks in many-body quantum systems
Markus Bachmayr : Block-Sparse Matrix Product States and Eigenvalue Solvers



Thursday morning (July 4th)
Ors Legeza : Global fermionic mode optimization via swap gates on high performance computing infrastructures
Gaspard Kemlin : Fully guaranteed and computable error bounds for the energy of Kohn-Sham equations with convex density functionals
Kathryn Rouse : Communication Lower Bounds For Computations Involving a Symmetric Matrix



Thursday afternoon (July 4th)
Benjamin Stamm : Reduced basis method for Quantum Spin problems
Andreas Läuchli : Exact Diagonalization and Tensor Network Studies of Quantum Many Body Systems

Grey Ballard : Randomized Tensor Train Rounding



Friday morning (July 5th)
Thomas Ayral : Many-fermion physics with quantum processors: hybrid quantum classical algorithms
Alfred Kirsch : A mathematical analysis of IPT-DMFT



Friday afternoon (July 5th)

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